Best Rate Guarantee

Fino Hotels Group promises easy and reliable online hotel booking with our best rate guarantee program at Fino


If you find lower rates on another booking site, we will match the lower price and give you another 20% discount from the rate. Please find how to submit a claim as below.

The Fino is including the following site:

This program is not applying for the worldwide websites of Best Western Hotels and franchise hotels as follows:


Best Western worldwide websites

Franchise hotels

How to Submit

Applicable Booking

In case you find a lower rate being advertised by another booking site within 3 hours after making reservation on our official site.


Application Deadline

Within 24 hours from booking on our official site. (the booking which made on the date of check-in date is not applicable)


Conditions of application

The rates should be under the *same conditions (*see below).
The guest has to stay with the original booking which was made at our official site.


Best Rate Guarantee is applicable under the same set of condition with details as below


How to submit

After checking the above conditions, please contact the hotel directly by e-mail.
When you email us, please include the items and details as below. And please attach a screenshot of the comparison booking site.


Subject of the e-mail:

Best Rate Guarantee


Contents of the e-mail:

[Applicant Information]


[Reservation Information]

[Comparison site information]


Out of the Guarantee

Please note that the Best Rate Guarantee does not apply to the following occasions: